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RLTC Terms & Conditions


Opening hours

The courts are available to be used by Club members between 07:00 – 22:00 throughout the year. However, please check the club’s online booking system for availability on specific days which may change due to league matches, tournaments, coaching and member events which take preference over other bookings.


Users of the Club (both members and non-members) must not do or permit any act, matter or thing which would, or might, constitute an illegal act affecting the Tennis Club which would, or might, vitiate in whole or in part any insurance effected in respect of the premises. See Club Code of Conduct


No glass is allowed on the playing areas.


Smoking is not permitted on the playing areas.


Spitting is not allowed on the playing areas.


If a dog gains access to areas of the Club, their owner/keeper is responsible for their behaviour and for picking up after them should they foul anywhere on Club property.


Users are responsible for ensuring that the behaviour and noise level does not disturb other users of the courts. Users must also dispose of any rubbish or waste materials.


Aggressive or abusive behaviour to any other users of the Club, any representatives of visiting clubs or any of the Club’s committee members will not be tolerated and may result in membership being revoked and/or a ban from using facilities at the Club.

Court Condition


Roundhay Lawn Tennis Club is committed to making every reasonable effort to ensure the Club’s six courts are available for members use.

However, individual users have the responsibility to ascertain whether it is safe to use the courts – factors for this include, but are not limited to, the prevailing weather conditions.

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that all those involved in playing tennis are made aware of the fact that they do so in all respects at their own risk.

First Aid


It is the individual’s own responsibility to make their own first aid arrangements, such as the provision of a first aid kit, there is no legal requirement for the Club to provide first aid facilities. There is however a first aid kit in the clubhouse and a defibrillator in a public box. If members use the first aid kits they must inform a committee member so that it can be replenished.



Tennis shoes and kit should be worn at all times whilst on court. Participants should ensure footwear is cleaned before entering the court areas. It is the user’s responsibility to provide their own racquets and balls. The club will provide balls for social tennis and matches.

Loss of Property


The Tennis Club cannot accept responsibility for damage to, or the loss or theft of, hirer’s property and effects. It is the responsibility of the hirer to make his/her own insurance arrangements if required.

Car Parking


Cars should be parked on the same side of the road of the club where possible. Do not block any drives.



Any complaints associated with RLTC should be directed to the Committee via e-mail ( if the complainant wishes for it to be acted on.



Anyone using the facilities at RLTC, whether they have made the booking or not, must adhere to the general terms and conditions set out in this document.

Online Booking System

All bookings must be made through the Club’s online booking system at This applies whether there is a charge associated with the booking or not.

Charges & Booking Restrictions


Charges for court use for guests is set by the committee and subject to change. Please see the Club’s website – – for the latest charges.


Any restrictions on how many bookings can be made during a set period and how far in advance bookings can be made are available on the Club’s website.


Whilst it is the intention of RLTC to make the membership open to as many people as possible, the Committee reserves the right to reject or cancel any subscriptions should it feel there is good reason to do so. An explanation will be given should this circumstance arise.



Membership can be applied for through the website.


The Club’s committee reserves the right to reject a membership application if they have suitable reason to do so. An explanation would be given in this instance.


Furthermore, the Club’s committee reserves the right to cancel membership without any notice or refund should a member be found in breach of any of the terms and conditions outlined within this document.


The Club does not give refunds on membership under any circumstances.

Membership Year


RLTC’s membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March. The payment is pro-rata with the price reducing every 4 months.

Membership Types & Criteria


Currently the membership options available are:

● Full membership: Anyone over 25 years of age as of 1st April.

● Intermediate: 18 to 25 years of age as of 1st April

● Junior: Under 18 years of age on the date of joining

● Midweek member - can play Monday-Friday between 9am and 4pm.

● Family membership - two Adults & any amount of children under the age of 18 that all live at the same property.

Membership Subscriptions


Current membership subscription charges can be found on the Club website



Membership subscriptions are payable annually in advance. Payments for all membership types can be made online through ClubSpark.

Member Benefits


Members currently benefit from: Free use of the courts for private games (all participants are required to be members)


Option to join Club events such as regular open club sessions and tournaments


Opportunity to play for the Club’s various league teams

Junior Membership


Membership applications for anyone aged under 18 must be made on their behalf by a parent/guardian.


By applying for membership, the parent/guardian agrees for the child named in the application to take part in the general activities of the Club.


Parents/guardians are responsible for informing the Club of any special care needs, dietary requirements, allergies or medical conditions that could affect their child’s safety at the club.


Juniors under the age of 13 must be supervised by an adult whilst playing at the club.

Coaching at RLTC


Group and private lessons at RLTC are provided by Paul Johnson and coaches.


Any agreement is made directly with Paul and his staff and not with the Club.


Disclosure Barring Services (DBS) RLTC’s coaching staff have DBS clearance, the Club also has a Welfare & Safeguarding Officer who is not a member of the coaching team.


The Tennis Club is accredited with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).


Safeguarding, Risk Assessments, Inclusion and Reporting Policy


RLTC follows the LTA guidelines on all matters related to Safeguarding. Please visit to see our policies.

Members Area/App

The online members area is for 18+ aged members only. Parents/guardians can join on behalf of their junior/s. If members use the forum or communicate with other members using this facility then it is only for clubs tennis related topics. Members must be respectful of others when using this facility, if an occasion happens where a member is inappropriate then the committee reserve the right to review their use of the platform and their membership.

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