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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the FAQ's below to see if they can help with your query. 

If you can't find the answer you're looking for then for coaching enquires contact the coaching team and for membership/club enquires contact the committee.


How do I join the club?

To join the club please visit the Join Us page. This has a list of all available memberships. Plus the option of signing up on a waiting list should a membership be sold out.

Once you've bought a membership, contact our membership secretary and they will arrange to meet you  at the club to show you round and give you keys.

Can I play at the club without being a member?

We are predominantly a members club. However you can sign up for a term of coaching as a non-member before joining. You may also play as a guest of a current member 3 times within a season.

How much are your memberships?

The details of the costs of our membership packages are on the Join Us page. Our memberships reduce is cost twice through the year to reflect the months past. 

A full year runs from April to March. The cost then reduces in August and again in December.

All memberships renew in April.

I'm buying a membership for a junior member, how do I do this?

You can buy a membership for your junior(s) via this link. Join.

How much does coaching cost?

For private lessons each coach has their cost by their coaching profile. They can be contacted via the means next to their name also.

Group coaching starts from £21.88 per month on a rolling subscription basis. This is for 1 hour per week in term time. It spreads the cost of lessons across the whole year.

How do I sign up for coaching?

To make sure there is space in the coaching programme before you buy a subscription you have to contact the coaches first. You can then attend a free trial lesson before the coach will then send you the link to sign up for the subscription.

What is the bad weather policy?

For Club Social Tennis session this is an informal thing. Sessions never officially get cancelled, members have been known to snow shovel the courts in order to play! However if it is raining heavily then its unlikely many people will turn up.

For coaching sessions, the coach will contact you half an hour before the session if it is cancelled. This will be via text.

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