Introducing Roundhay Lawn Tennis Club

Your Tennis Club in Leeds

At Roundhay you will find a special mix of friendliness, traditional values and community focus. Supported by proudly maintained 21st century facilities and great value tennis for every member whatever their standard or level of experience. If you are looking for a place to play or learn to play tennis and have some coaching then look no further.


We are run entirely by volunteers, not for profit, and our doors are open to everyone who has an interest in playing or learning to play tennis. We have 350 members, with roughly half of those being juniors. There is something for the whole family.

We have six top class, all weather carpet courts, and all are floodlit with the latest state of the art LED lights allowing all year round play. There is a clubhouse with changing rooms, showers, a kitchen and a social area. Should you join the club you will be given keys to the courts and clubhouse and will have access to free tennis balls and floodlights. We have a range of leisure wear and club wear, please ask a member of the committee for details.

We have 2 members of the tennis club at Roundhay that re-string rackets. If you happen to break a string then please feel free to contact Chris Harper or Paul Johnson. Here is a link to Chris Harper's website where you will find his contact details and information about the string he has in stock: Chris can re-string tennis, squash and badminton rackets.  

Meet The Committee

Lorraine Bowman

Rosie Nicholl

Angus Orde

Graham Bottone

Lauren Whitaker

Val Maycock

Margaret Cliff

Camala Marsh

Ben Jervis

Kathy Horne

Joe Mellor

Katherine Stirling

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