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RLTC Code of Conduct

Court Etiquette

We are all keen to enjoy our sport so we have just a simple Ground Rule to make the playing experience more enjoyable for all and that is ‘Keep it clean!’.

The ‘it’ being:

  • · the courts,

  • · your language and · your play.

Don't cross the back of courts whilst a point is in play. If you're waiting off make sure it is in a safe place.

Leave the courts, clubhouse and grounds free of litter, collect in tennis balls for other players to use and don’t let the frustrations of the game make you an unpleasant person to play with.

Social Tennis

There are many sessions through the week to join in playing social tennis. Please check the website to see which is the most appropriate sessions for you to attend.

New balls are provided by the club weekly for these sessions.

Juniors are welcome to social sessions by invitation of their coach or a committee member and have the same playing rights as adults.

If you are the last person to leave the clubhouse lock the door and gates. If you aren't the last person to leave make sure whoever is left has the means to lock up.

If you are playing with a non-member then you must add pay their visitor fee.

Respect and Behaviour

All club members and parents of juniors must show tolerance, courtesy, good manners, fairness, honesty and integrity in their dealings with Club members, officials, playing and social visitors.


The club is opposed to discrimination in any form. All Club members have the responsibility to make everyone feel welcome and to ensure that membership of the club is a positive experience.


Safety and Responsibility

All Club members will act responsibly and look to protect and ensure the safety of everyone at the Club at all times. Particularly consider the well-being and care of junior players and visitors.


Fair Play

All Club members will respect the rules of tennis and address disputes with dignity and appropriate language.

Club Reputation

All club members should endeavour to protect and further the Club's good reputation at all times. When representing the Club, all players and officials will observe the principles in the Code of Conduct.

The LTA's Code Of Conduct can be found here. Above is a Summary.

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