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Learn. enjoy. compete.

At Roundhay TC Coaching we pride ourselves in providing great quality tennis lessons to all ages and abilities. We ensure that our programme has something for everyone, whether you are a complete beginner, a club player, or looking towards county and regional level.

Through our core values of LEARN. ENJOY. COMPETE. we create a fun relaxed environment, whilst helping to prepare and support players into competition when they are ready. 

RLTC Big 5

  1. 100% effort - never let the ball bounce twice.

  2. Non-negotiable ready position and split step.

  3. Focus on the feed - the correct ball from the correct place.

  4. Quality warm up - concentration and balls in court. 

  5. Accept your opponent's good shots and your own mistakes.

As coaches we will...

- Be punctual and professional at all times.

- Ensure sessions are fun and specific to the needs of the players.

- Continue to develop as coaches.

- Be positive role models to the players.

- Support the players through all aspects of their tennis.


Players are asked to...

- Respect and listen to each other and the coaches.

- Put in full effort at all times.

- Accept that they can't play their best tennis every day.

- Keep an open mind to development.

- Let their coach know if they have any problems or concerns.


Players who uphold our values have a chance to win our Star of the Week and Year awards. Examples of our trophies can be seen above.

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