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Latest Updates 30/11/20

The club will reopen from Wednesday 2nd December with the following guidelines in place.


1. Observe social distancing at all times.

2. Sanitise your hands and bring your own sanitiser

3. Clubhouse is open for toilets, floodlights and picking up social tennis balls.

4. If entering the clubhouse you must wear a face covering. (Age 11+)

5. One person at a time in the entrance area to the clubhouse.

6. Observe the one way system


Court Booking

1. Book via the website not the app as the app does not allow participants to be added which is a requirement.

2. Observe social distancing

3. If there are people waiting vacate your court promptly.

4. No mingling before or after playing


Social Club Sessions

1. Book your place as before via the webiste

2. Spaces are limited to places on court

3. If the session is full email to be put on the waiting list

4. Do not just turn up

5. Sanitise your hands when changing groups. 

6. Bring your own sanitiser

7. Observe the one way system

8. If you have tissues/handkerchief do not keep this is the same pocket as the tennis ball. If you do use it then you must sanitise your hands afterwards, before commencing play again.

9. There is a designated person for each social session making sure we have an accurate record and that the guidelines are being followed. This is a requirement for any group activity to happen. Please make their life easy (and their game of tennis more enjoyable) by keeping to the guidelines.

10. We are following the pre lockdown Delivery Plan until we know anymore. It might be that some things could change. It can be found by clicking this link. Delivery Plan.



Coaching will follow the guidelines which Paul has already sent out but if you have questions regarding coaching session delivery then please email Paul

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