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Club Tournaments

There are main two club tournaments each year: the Open Tournament and the Advantage Tournament. These are open to any full members and is an opportunity to get some great match practice and take your chances against players you might not normally come across. There are singles, doubles and mixed doubles competitions, as well as an Over 50s event.

Throughout the winter months, we run a Box League in Singles and Mixed Doubles formats, enabling members to play competitive matches against those of a similar standard.

We also have an annual Charity Tournament, which is a one-day event, held in April.

Roundhay Open Tournament 2024

Finals Day: Saturday July 27th

The Open Tournament is open to all members apart from Midweek or Off-Peak, as most matches will be played weekends or weeknights. Juniors are also welcome, if invited.

You need to pair up with someone to enter the doubles. However, if you are new to the club and don't have a partner then we may be able to help you - please request this on the entry form.


Entries for this will be open from 3rd-19th Apri via this link. Matches will start from 24th April, with Finals Day on 22nd July.

Please don’t enter the competition if you have extensive holidays planned, i.e., more than two weeks away.  If you have a realistic chance of reaching the final, please also ensure you are available for Finals Day.


Deadlines for each round need to be followed, otherwise you risk elimination. This is to ensure that all matches are completed in advance of Finals Day.

Finals Day this year is Saturday July 27th. This is the highlight of the club calendar and spectators are encouraged; food and drink will also be available to purchase.

Roundhay Advantage Tournament 2024

Finals Day: Sunday October 20th

Like the Open Tournament, this is open to all members, apart from Midweek or Off-Peak. Juniors can enter, if invited.

It is a very popular event with different winners each year and all entrants have a good chance of doing well. Entries for this open in July.

Each individual in the singles, and pairs in the doubles, will get a rating which will determine your starting score for each game. Stronger players will start on minus points each game, while less strong players will start with an advantage. Partners for doubles will be drawn randomly.


For both competitions please don’t wait for others to organise - it’s always tight with holidays and weather, so get ahead and, even if away, you need to be available for responding promptly and organising match dates. As all entrants have an equal chance of reaching the finals, please only enter if you are available for Finals Day.

Entries will be open from late July via this link.  Finals Day will be held on Sunday 20th October, and spectators are also welcome

Box Leagues

October - March

This is a mini league system where players are grouped in a 'box' of approximately 5  entrants of a similar standard.


Matches proceed in a round-robin format and players have from October until December to arrange a match against each of their 4 opponents.


Following this, there is promotion and relegation and format repeats from January until March, at which point it stops for the summer.

There will be singles and Mixed Doubles leagues and entries will open from September.

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