Club Tournaments

There are two club tournaments each year. The Open Tournament and the Advantage Tournament. This is open to any full members and is an opportunity to get some great match practice and take your chances against players you might not normally come across. There are singles, doubles and mixed doubles competitions.

Roundhay Open Tournament

Finals Day Saturday July 23rd 2022

Please see our Social Events page for the entry form.


The Open Tournament is open to all memberships apart from Midweek or Off-Peak as most matches will be played weekends or weeknights. Juniors can enter the open tournament if invited to.

You need to pair up with someone to enter the doubles. If you are new to the club and don't have a partner then we may be able to help you. Just mention it when you fill in the entry form.


Entries for this are open and will close on Tuesday 12th April.

Please don’t enter competitions if you have extensive holidays planned eg more than one two-week period away.  


Deadlines for each round need to be followed otherwise you risk elimination to be fair to others.

The finals day this year is Saturday July 23rd.

Roundhay Advantage Tournament

Finals Day Sunday September 25 2022

This is open to any full member of the club, with the same holiday limitation, but the main difference is your partner for the doubles events are drawn randomly for you.


It is a very popular event with different winners each year and everyone has a good chance of doing well. And it’s good fun. This year the finals day is right at the end of the season to give maximum playing time to attract as many of you as possible.  Entries for this open in July.

Each individual in the singles and pairs in the doubles will get a rating and there will be a clear explanation of the rating system up at the club. You have to calculate the difference in the ratings before playing. Most members are familiar with it. 


For both competitions please don’t wait for others to organise - it’s always tight with holidays and weather, so get ahead and even if away you need to be available for responding promptly and organising playing dates.