Advantage Tournament 2021

Finals Day Sunday September 26 2021

Information for Finals Day

Start time: 1pm

Food: 4:30pm

There will be refreshments available on the day in the form of hot drinks and baked goods, then meat or veggie chilli and rice at 4:30pm.

If you would like chilli, please message Camala on 07910778880 before Thursday 23rd September. This will be £5 ahead and payment can be made by cash or card on the day.

There will also be a raffle, so if you have anything you’d like to donate as a prize, please get in touch.

Good luck to anyone with matches remaining!

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Advantage Tournament Scoring Explained

Roundhay Advantage Tournament 2021

Scoring system:

+30 is a 30 love start each game.
+15.3 is a 15 love start on odd games eg first, third, fifth and a 30 love start on even games eg second, fourth and sixth.
+15 is a 15 love start each game
+0.3 is a 15 love start every even game eg second, fourth, sixth
+0 is scratch - start on 0
-15 is a -15 love start each game
-15.3 is -15 on odd games and -30 on even games.
-30 is - 30 on every game.
-30.3 is -30 on odd games and -40 on even games.

Combining Ratings
Positives and negatives do not cancel each other out!
+15 v +30 Each game starts 0:+15 (NOT 15:30)
-0.3 v +0.3 Odd games start 0:0, even games -15:+15
-15 v +0.3 Odd games start -15:0, even games -15:+15
+15.3 v +15.3 Same rating -all games start 0:0
Play 3 sets. No tie breaks. Resume the rating pattern each new set.
You should start all games on the deuce side. (Waive this for ease of scoring - if all agree)